Running GrackleΒΆ

Grackle is a program that can run scripts with a MATLAB syntax, run LLVM bytecode files, or be used interatively from the command line.

If you are familiar with MATLAB syntax, the easiest way to get started is to use grackle interactively. Here’s a session below showing a session that creates a symbolic variable, and then calls check_sat to check satisfiability.

$ grackle

% x = symbolic('x', 'integer')
x =


% [r,s] = check_sat(x > 10)
r =


s =

    x: 11

% [r,s] = check_sat(x > 10 & x < 9)
r =


s =

    struct with no fields.

Interactive use requires ipython to be installed. This can be installed via pip by typing pip install ipython.